1: Julia peeks out into the hallway, looking around. In her hand she still clutches her knife.

Julia: You wait here, I’m gonna go look…

2: Julia moves through one of the dark hallways, helmet lamp on as she looks into rooms cluttered with useless trash.

3: The broken Lily sits on a collapsed table, alight and quiet.

Julia (off-panel): Lily…

4: Julia kneels, a hand touching Lily..

Julia: Are there any power terminals around here? Like you used last night?

Lily: <negative buzz>

Julia: Is there anything? Tanks? Batteries? Something with that power fluid shit?

Lily: [untranslated robotic alien speech – informative, unclear]

5: Julia sits back, slumped to the ground. A hand against the side of her helmet. She’s panting slightly and looks confused…

6: She starts to cry again.

7: Then looks angry as she starts to get back up.