You’re almost there.


1: We see through a tall window that the sky is darkening.

2: Julia taps at her wrist computer to begin a recording.

Julia: <digital click>

<Julia clears her throat> Mel, I think I’m… making progress. It’s so unintuitive… but… I guess I was never good with other languages.

3: Lily’s shell of a body, lit only by the glowing runes sits inert.

Julia: <coughing interrupts> I’m coming home… I have to. I miss you…

But I’m sick… thirsty… I’m tired, I… I’m so, so hungry, Mel.

I owe you a date, don’t I? I said I’d cook… <coughing interrupts>

4: The small, bent over Julia, leans on the console. The room is dark as the sky darkens.

Julia: I gotta get home… so I can cook for us… more food than we can eat…

5: Julia’s hand swipes at her computer control.

Julia huffs for breath.

6: We once again see footage of Melissa on the computer.

Melissa (from computer): I’m here. You’re here. Breathe slow.