1: The road ahead is especially overgrown, with vines and roots breaking the road up almost beyond recognition in some places. Julia follows it quickly. She’s looking tired, her hair a mess from her exertion. She keeps the glowing Lily clutched to her chest as she tiredly runs. Lily’s crunched form has been wrapped up in the wire that was once her leash, in an effort to keep her together.

2: Through trees, something glistens and sparkles.

3: Julia squints off to her side.

4: Julia walks out from the trees into a clearing. There is a large, artificial body of what appears to be water. It has some plant life growing atop.

Julia: Fuck… It’s… that’s got to be water, right?

5: Lily is delicately set down on the grass, some of the lights show through broken glass eyes.

Lily: [untranslated robotic alien speech – unclear.]

6: Julia examines the water with her wrist computer. The screen on her arm tells her that it is indeed water, with trace of other elements.