1: Julia, taps her wrist computer to record a log.

Julia: <digital click> I found water. There could be all sorts of contaminants in it that my suit can’t pick up, but… fuck.

I’m hungry… I’m thirsty. I’m stuck in this goddamn suit. I’m suffocating in this, everything is too tight…

2: Julia’s distressed face speaks to the computer.

Julia: Maybe it’ll kill me… but I’ve got to get out of this thing. I’ve got to breathe real air, I need water or I’m gonna go insane…

3: Julia undoes her helmet with a his as the pressure equalizes.

Julia: If I… if this is-

I’m sorry, Mel.

<digital click>

4: Her gloved hands place her helmet down on a nearby rock.

5: Her helmet sits on a rock. Julia inhales.

Julia (off-panel): Hff…

It actually smells really nice out here.

The air is… sweet, almost.