Oh, you didn’t think those were just weird plants, did you?


1: Julia stands beneath a tree, leaning on its twisted trunk of metallic white. She clutches Lily in her hands. They’re off the road, an ancient, ruined vehicle rusts in a moss-covered furrow as if it had crashed and skid into the earth.

Julia: Come on, please, say something… Make a sound, Lily…

Lily: <with an electrical buzz, a positive blip>

Julia: God, okay, yes, okay… you’re good. You’re fine… we’re both okay…

2: Clutching the robot to her chest, head leaned back, she slides to the ground slowly. Lily’s large eyes are only partially lit.

Julia: I’ve got you… I’ve… rff… we’ve…

3: Julia has put her hand towards the ground as she sits, it crunches through one of the tumbleweeds.

4: Julia pulls away. Around her feet are more of these “weeds”: they are bones, spherical clusters of fragile ribs and bones, with a brittle and broken shell.

5: She scrambles backwards on the ground, surrounded by more of these ancient skeletons.

Julia: No, no no no no no no

6: She gets to her feet and rushes back to the path, away from the graveyard.