1: Julia and Lily travel off the main road into a small building, an open alcove in marble. This building is partially draped in an old, torn orange and blue banner, part of the roof appears melted and damaged by something. Tumbleweeds and mosses try to reclaim the building and a hallow shell of a vehicle.

2: Lily leads the way further in, lighting the building as her eyes shine brightly. She casts a light on a metal pod, similar to the one she floated out of earlier. It’s open: dotted at its bottom are tiny shards of white crystal. As Lily beeps the machine rumbles a retort.

Lily: <Calls to recharge station>

3: Julia watches as Lily nestles into the pod, plugging in to cables within the machine. Julia is looking over her shoulder as she tugs one of the large cloth banners down from outside the building.

Lily: <Calls to recharge station>

4: Julia folds the banner up so she can sit against a structure inside.

5: Julia sits in the building between plants and rust-colored objects. The area getting darker now, lit by the dim light of Lily as she recharges.

6: Julia looks down, sadly.

7: On her wrist computer, she replays some footage of Melissa as the two spoke on the moon.