1: Julia rests in the dark, she taps at her wrist, using the computer.

<digital click of the recorder>

2: Julia speaks.

Julia: Melissa.

Don’t let anyone else hear this recording, if you can.

3: Julia watches more footage of Melissa as she talks.

Julia (off-panel): I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t know if I’m ever coming home.

Even if I find another door home… will it work? How do I point it home?

I need to see you again…

4: Julia curls up in the dark.

Julia: I love you, Mel. I’m sorry… I know I haven’t said it yet.

5: The sky, viewed through trees and buildings is dark. The stars are now visible: distinct, but unrecognized alien constellations, stars seen from half way across the galaxy.

Julia: Space sickness…

Or maybe it’s just… heh… home sickness? Maybe we don’t belong this far from home…

…You think the gods can hear me all the way out here?