1: On Julia’s wrist computer, she controls the screen, video footage of Bassi operating the portal controls on the moon. It’s not a good angle, Bassi is partially obscuring the runes.

2: She zooms in and moves through frames, showing more of the runes.

Julia (off-panel) grunts quizzically: Hmph…

3: Julia shows the video to Lily who hovers at her shoulder, the sky behind them darkens.

Julia: Recognize these symbols at all? I’ll try to sit and take notes about them soon.

Lily: <positive blip>

Julia: It’s hard to get good shots of them, but I need them if I’m gonna get home.

4: Julia’s finger slids along the video time line, and it freezes over a shot of Melissa.

Lily (off-panel): [untranslated robotic alien speech – inquisitive tone]

Julia: That’s Melissa, my…

5: Julia’s eyes water again.

Julia: …someone important.

6: The gas giant starts to eclipse the suns as the buildings start to darken.

Julia: I really have to rest.