1: A hooded figure, wrapped in a cloak and scarf, walks down the streets of downtown Cairo. A sandstorm has hit, streams of sandy clouds rush past buildings, casting the whole city in shades of brown.

2: The figure ducks into an alley between buildings, covering their mouth.

3: A maroon car pulls up to the side of the road by the alley, its passenger window open a crack.

Drive (from car): Hey! Get out of the storm, dipshit!

Figure: What?

4: From within the car, we see the obscured figure approach the opening window, protecting their face from the storm with pale furred hand.

Driver (off-panel): Where are you going?

Figure: Cairo University! It can’t wait!

Driver (off-panel): Who are you looking for?

5: The figure leans in, pulling his hood back with his right hand. It is Kas: dirtied with sand, his right eye covered by an eye patch.

Kas: I’m looking for Julia King…

and the Order of the Black Dog.

6: We see the driver is Rhoda, dressed in a thin scarf with a bandanna on her head, dusted with hints of sand.

Rhoda: Get in.