1: Rhoda’s maroon car drives slowly through the gusting sandstorm, the green street lights struggle through the sand.

Rhoda (in car): I already know about the monster. I’ve been drawing the damn thing for weeks.

Kas (in car): What?…

2: Rhoda pulls out some drawings of the Intruder to show Kas, passing them to him.

3: Rhoda glances up into the rear view mirror, in the backseat of her car is the coiled up, smirking body of the serpent spirit.

Rhoda: I… saw your crash.

Kas (off-panel): How? What do you mean?

Rhoda: I really… can’t explain it right now. I just, ugh…

Start with what happened next.

4: In a flashback to three months ago, Kas is in the passenger seat of the truck, bloodied up and using his teeth to wrap his belt around the remaining part of his otherwise severed arm.

Kas (narrating): Well…