1: Julia sadly approaches Raynott, who checks and adjusts his gun. Rati looks to Julia.

Julia: Raynott, um, where do you need me?

Raynott: Just stay out of the way.

Rati: Wait…

2: Rati gets closer to Julia, looking concerned.

Rati: King, right? You didn’t work with Njeri on the gate?

Julia: N-no…

3: Rait turns to Raynott, who doesn’t look back.

Rati: Julia’s one of the only people who have navigated a cave like this on her own. She might help us find our way around.

Raynott: If you say so, doc.

Julia: Right. Okay. Gimme a minute?

4: Julia and Melissa step close.

Julia: Mel…

Melissa: Julia, I… I don’t know what to do… I don’t even know what happened. Kas, h-he must have…

Julia: Mel. You get us home, okay? You studied all those notes and figured out the code. You can get this thing working.

5: Tears run down Melissa’s face.

Melissa: Don’t go too far, idiot.