1: Njeri looks up at the inert portal.

Njeri: The portal on Earth had evidence of an ancient power supply. If this portal is here, there must be something similar.

It’s a long shot… But-

Raynott: It’s the best chance we’ve got without cannibalizing the suits for power.

Njeri: Right.

2: Several of the scientists cry and panic, including Julia and Melissa who are calming each other down

Raynott (off-panel): Alright everyone, let’s not panic here. We’ve got to get moving and figure this out.

The gravity is lower, but you’ve all seen the astronaut videos, you’ll figure it out.

3: Raynot, points and speaks to Safira Karpati, a tigeress with a mohawk, and Brecht Schrader, a grey wolf, wearing compact bullpup rifles that distinguish them as Blackcloud mercenaries.

Raynott: I want three teams. Njeri, keep who you need here and try to learn what you can about this portal, see if you can turn it on. Karpati, keep guard on them.

4: The bodies of the dead scientists lay still and cold against the wall. The body of the donkey is dripping blood.

Raynott (off-panel): Rati, Kasun, Krizman: you’re with me.

Joyner, DeKlerk, follow Schrader and Lane. We’ll split up and try to find the light switch for this hell hole.

5: Dark red blood flows along small grooves in the floor.

Raynott (off-panel): Without a central communications hub, our comms are limited to their personal range.

6: The blood drips through discrete cracks into darkness.

Raynott (off-panel): The groups will probably lose contact with each other.

7: In darkness, deep shadows shift and glisten, eyes crack open.

Raynott (off-panel): Stay close to your group leaders.