1: Three month’s later, the lunar structure is lit to the best of the thirteen dislocated scientist’s and commando’s abilities. Commander Raynott has gathered people into one group. The bodies of dead engineers are piled against one wall.

Narration: January 29th, 2038.

Raynott: Okay, gather ’round! If they haven’t re-opened the portal by now, we have to assume that we’re here for a while.

We only have about five hours of oxygen, and half that in spare tanks, so we need fast solutions.

2: Njeri and Melissa stand and listen, with a raccoon scientist, Syed Bassi, behind them.

Raynott (off-panel): Doctor Njeri, who among the science team knows how to operate this door?

Njeri: Melissa, maybe Bassi… no one else had access.

Raynott (off-panel): Do you think you can activate it from this side?

Bassi: Maybe, but without our equipment…

Raynott (off-panel): Try.

3: The cobra scientist, Ashlesha Rati, looks up at the dimly lit ceiling.

Raynott (off-panel): Doctor Rati, what can you tell us about this place?

Rati: Well, in case anyone hasn’t pieced it together… we’re on the moon.

Various scientists clamor: It can’t be!

I knew it!

Damn! Haha!

I can’t believe it!

Raynot (off-panel): Quiet.

Rati, continue.

4: Dr. Rati manipulates her suit’s wrist computer, with the display cast on her helmet. Her helmet casts light, the path out of the room runs away into the dark distance.

Rati: Since we didn’t immediately die from vacuum exposure, there must have been some air pressure already. It’s still far too low to survive unprotected, but it’s not dropping. This place must be air tight.

If it’s air tight, then… it must have been made for air-breathing creatures.

Perhaps there are still environmental systems somewhere.