1: Within the cabin of a large truck, the road ahead is illuminated by the headlights. A satellite navigation shows the long stretch of quiet road. The truck hums along.

2: Kas stumbles into view of the headlights, causing the driver to swerve quickly to the left.

Trucker: Shit!

3: The Intruder bounds after Kas onto the road, and is lit from the side by the incoming truck as it turns.

4: Kas jumps away in the middle of the road, covering his head. The clean blue truck messily dashes the Intruder to pieces across its grill with a loud crunch.

5: Through Kas’s vision, we see the truck skid and swerves to a safe stop down the road. Some of Kas’s blood pools out across the pavement of the road.

6: In the distance, the truck door opens, the truck driver, a giraffe, gets out. Kas’s vision is blurring and growing dark around the edges as he loses consciousness.