1: The intruder tilts its head and looks behind it, responding to a sound in the dark.

<Off-panel a clicking chirp>

<The Intruder trills>

2: The ruined wreck of Kas’s car lays at the bottom of the bank: a strange furry mound sits atop it, dimly lit, a strange creature like within the impostor Kas from Issue #15.

3: Two purple tentacle-like arms wrap around the severed, bloody arm of Kas left in the car.

4: The arm is pulled toward to the figure on the car: a strange mass of hair and tentacles, grasping at the arm. It makes more clicking sounds.

5: Kas looks over his shoulder, crawling away towards the light of the road. The Intruder turns back towards him.

6: The Intruder swiftly swipes down, digging sickle claws into Kas’s legs, making him scream.