1: Grass is lit from below, mostly dark in the night time.

2: The pale furred hand of Kas reaches up to clutch at the grass, fingers digging deep.

Narration: Three Months earlier. Outside Nicosia, Cyprus.

3: Kastos Vigne, left stump of an arm bleeding with white bone showing, body covered in deep cuts, crawls along the grass besides the highway from Issue #14, dragging himself with his remaining hand. He is only barely illuminated by distant street lights and the failing headlights of his ruined car. This continues the scene from 2037.

4: Beside his bloodied foot, the pale, symmetrical alien foot of the Intruder steps.

5: The Intruder emotionlessly watches him struggle, head tilted slightly like a curious dog, large night-vision eyes on top. Kas looks out with his one working eye.