1: The distorted form of Schrader is propped up, as it speaks to Rati. Rati inches around the mass.

Schrader: Rati… it feels… incredible…

Feels so warm and… wet…

2: Rati is moving to the side slowly, looking up to the mess, exacerbated.

Rati: You’re not him. You’re that thing… The Black Idol.

3: Schrader throws head back in apparent ecstasy, the vague shape of his hand clawing at what’s left of his chest, the melted skull of Joyner moans in idiot joy.

Schrader: Nnng gods. You have to touch it, please… feel it.

4: Rati’s foot touches a discarded case of emergency tools, including flares and a small hand axe.

5: Rati has reaches the console before the glass tubes of liquid, watching black tentacles spread across the ground like vines.

Rati: What did he say we were? A sacrifice? I get it.

6: Rati looks down at her wrist computer scanning at the tubes of liquid gas.

Rati: You took your time with them, didn’t you… You wanted us to turn the power on so we could get back home. So you could follow us.

7: The screen on her wrist shows that one of the tubes contains liquid hydrogen.