1: Bassi has his helmet off. Eyes shut, he’s huffing at the air.

Bassi: That’s so much better… The air is warming up.

2: Melissa is concentrating as she manipulates the computer’s symbols.

Melissa: You were right, now that the power’s on, there are a lot more options here… I think I can figure this out, if I can just remember it right…

???: <Comm static hisses>

3: Njeri looks around nervously.

Njeri: Say again, Melissa?

Melissa: That wasn’t me.

4: Kasun bounds into the room.

Kasun: There’s an emergency! We… we need to… to do something!

5: Karpati approaches Kasun.

Karpati: Doctor Kasun! Where’s your group, where’s the commander? What happened?!

Kasun: We were attacked! It… it was-

6: Julia, panting, stabilizes herself, looking tired and forlorn as she rushes in the low gravity.

Julia: It’s the Black Idol…