1: Julia stumbling bac running after Kasun. Rati runs in the other direction. DeKlerk pounces onto Raynott who is toppled over, fighting to keep him off.

Raynott grunts and struggles: Nngrf!


2: One arm holds DeKlerk off him, Raynott has his gun to the chest of the scientist, bullets blasting holes through the body.

DeKlerk: Sss… stop…

3: From DeKlerk’s pierced chest, a toothy maw erupts, ripping through the suit. It drags the gun, and Raynott’s arm in.

Raynott: Nnng, dammit!

4: DeKlerk’s face is warped and mutated, black tendrils melting into the rat’s face. His snout splits down the middle, lips curling into a twisted smile.

DeKlerk: Just… wanted to feel it… Just wanted to feel… God…

5: DeKlerk’s head splits open, and a thick, blackened tentacle bursts from his throat. It easily smashes through the helmet of Raynott’s suit, cutting and forcing its way down his throat. He chokes, dying, vein-like tentacles bursting through his skin.