1: Raynott has his gun raised as he walks towards the hallway.

Raynott: Say again? Who’s speaking?

???: <static garbles the message> found it… I just…

2: From the shadows steps a suited scientist.

???: I just wanted to touch it…

3: Out of the shadows, the distorted figure of DeKlerk looms. His helmet is cracked and deflated, his head is half-fused with writhing black tentacles. A mass of black tissue sits perched on his back with tentacles reaching into his suit and face, many eyes glaring.

4: Raynott aims his gun.

Raynott: You three, RUN!

5: Julia stands frozen in fear. Kasun, behind her, is already running, bounding into the background.

6: Raynott fires, a spray of bullets splashing the wet flesh of the Black Mass atop the scientist’s shoulder. The figure recoils, hunkered down to the ground.

7: The possessed scientist leaps, vaulting forward in the low gravity with arms extended and teeth bared in a predatory stance.