1: Air and water vapor hiss out of vents in the ceiling. Below, Julia and Rati are holding each other, looking up. Kasun and Raynott approach from behind.

Julia: Is that… air?

Rati: The other team must have found the power… They’ve activated the atmosphere.

2: A digital readout is projected onto Rati’s helmet, read from the inside. It gives readings of air pressure, oxygen levels, temperature.

Rati (off-panel): I’m getting oxygen readings… air pressure is rising!

3: The group look around for Krisman.

Julia: Wait, shit, where’s the other guy?

Rati: Wasn’t he behind us? Maybe he ran ahead.

4: Raynott looks around, squinting.

Raynott: Krizman! Krizman, come in.

Dammit. He may have tripped while-

???: <static clicks through the comm>

5: Raynott looks down a tunnel, holding his hand out to halt the others, looking down an intersection. The lights across the ceiling are only intermittently lit, leading to some patches of darkness.

Raynott: Wait, I’ve got something.

???: <static garbles the message> I h- <static continues>