1: Julia runs past pipes and vents and tunnels, panting.

2: She trips and collapses to the ground. Rati rushes after them.

Julia: Fuck!

3: Rati helps Julia up.

Julia: God dammit, god dammit, there’s so fucking much of it!

What the hell do we do?! We’ll be slaughtered!

4: Rati holds Julia’s arms as she panics.

Rati: Julia! Julia, stop, calm down!

Julia: No! No, dammit, you didn’t see what a piece of that thing could do! It ate them! Tore them apart! It took her!

5: Rati has her helmet close to Julia’s, staring into her eyes, trying to be stern.

Rati: Listen! It wasn’t moving! You need to breathe.

6: Julia, calmer, still tears up.

Julia: I need to find Mel, I need-

7: They both look up as a dull “thud” sounds and bright lights in the ceiling slowly come to life.