1: Melissa stands by the portal, in front of a black-metal podium, it sputters with holographic runic symbols. Bassi watches at her side.

Njeri (off-panel): Have you got it?

Melissa: Yeah. I’m getting a power reading, but it’s really low. I’m only getting the basic symbols.

2: Njeri approaches.

Njeri: I can’t find any research notes. I can’t even find paper. We’ll have to do this by memory.

Melissa (off-panel): That’s what I expected. Okay… I think we can manage.

3: Melissa is looking down, worried and tearing up slightly. Bassi pats her shoulder.

Melissa: Heh… if Julia had been working with us, I’m sure she would have snuck in some recording device or something to take covert notes…

Maybe she would’ve been… nnngg…

Bassi: Hey, your girlfriend’s gonna be fine.

4: Melissa looks away, blushing.

Bassi (off-panel): I mean… I’m sorry, I just assumed-

Melissa: No, no, it’s fine. We just never…

5: As the three watch the holograms, Melissa manipulating them, Karpati keeps guard.

Melissa: We have to focus.