1: Kas is pulled by the hand by Idowu past the final security check point. Rhoda is stopped by an SIU agent as she tries to follow.

Agent: I’m sorry, miss, I can’t let you through.

Rhoda: But-

Agent: You’re not in our system!

2: Rhoda’s usual dazed look has broken into concern and anxiety.

Rhoda: I’ve got friends down there! What the hell is happening?

3: On the tram down into the ancient ruins, Idowu hands Kas a large folder of papers.

Idowu: Here’s what’s happening: we need you to decipher this code. Do you know it?

Kas: Yeah… This is what I’ve been studying.

Idowu: How well do you know it?

4: They sit together on the angled tram as it runs down the tunel.

Kas: I kept working on it while in the hospital. I made a lot of progress, but there’s still a lot I don’t understand.

Idowu: Well, you’d better figure out the rest, fast. Our scientists did some of the work for you, from what we could scrape together after someone fried our electrical systems.