1: Kas’s eyeball is scanned.

Voice (off-panel): I’m detecting signs of minor radiation sickness…

2: Kas’s thumbprint is scanned.

Kas (off-panel): I’ll be fine, I’m having it treated. Antimicrobials, blood transfusions, CSFs…

3: A small computer screen reads out the results of a quick DNA test.

4: Kas stands in a full body x-ray. In the background, emergency workers run through the undercover building towards the elevator to the under ground. Rhoda, in the foreground, watches them run.

Voice: No headaches or nausea?

Kas: Not since treatment, I’ve been on it for months.

5: An armed mercenary, Adannaya Idowu, a female elephant, quickly approaches, hand overtly on her rifle. A feline SIU agent is going over print-outs. Kas sits patiently.

Idowu: Does he check out?

Agent: Everything’s confirmed, he seems like the real deal.

6: The mercenary grabs Kas, tugging him along by the beater, face and trunk intimidatingly close.

Idowu: If you are who you say you are, then we need you underground, immediately.

Kas: Underground…?!

Idowu: I’m watching you. If you try anything, I won’t hesitate to put you down.