1: Raynott leads Rati, Julia, and the rest of thier small group including silver fox, Aneirin Krizman, and polar bear, Nikhil Kasun. Krizman holds up a flare to study the ceiling.

2: Rati runs her gloved hand over the smooth carved metal of the wall.

Rati: This place doesn’t look anything like the ruins on Earth. Entirely different materials, different structure…

Did the same race build this place?

3: Julia is close to Rati’s side.

Julia: It doesn’t look like the temple they found on the moon last year?

Rati: No, not quite. That was exposed to the lunar surface.

This place looks built to withstand radiation and retain air pressure. It’s like a space station.

4: Raynott looks back over his shoulder.

Raynott: I think we should save the speculations until after we know we’re not going to waste our oxygen debating.

5: He looks forward as he walks.

Raynot: …

Though this place reminds me more of a submarine. The old ones, really cramped and sturdy.