1: The group descends down a ramp.

2: Headlights and flare light illuminates a large room into which they walk. Obsidian towers of metal stand near tall glass tubes.

3: The group explore the room. DeKlerk approaches one of the glass tubes which, now illuminated closely by his lamps, is mostly full of a blue liquid.

4: He taps a computer console on the wrist of his glove, which casts a dim laser into the tube.

DeKlerk: This is liquid oxygen. These must be the environmentals.

5: Lane, holding a flare, stands near a wall, looking up. Behind him, dark shapes shift and move in the shadows.

DeKlerk (off-panel): Nitrogen… This one’s carbon dioxide…

6: From a vent in the wall, eyes and teeth push their way through vents towards the light.