1: Back on the moon, a bright red flare is lit.

2: Alligator, Denis Lane, holds the flare up and looks around. In his free hand there is a metal case of emergency supplies.

3: Down a long, rounded hallway the rest of Schrader’s team walks. They leave flares down on the ground for navigation, and the black, ribbed metal of the building is glistening around them in red light. Gray wolf, Brecht Schrader, is in the lead, gun out. Between him and Lane are the two scientists: red panda, Joeseph Joyner, and rat, Roderick DeKlerk.

Schrader: I’m not getting any intercom readings from the other team. I think these walls block our signals. Stay close.

4: Lane prepares another flare, starkly lit by the lamps of his helmet.

Schrader (off-panel): This place seems empty so far. Security teams were briefed about the creatures found in the caves, but if there’s hardly any air here we should be fine.

5: Lane continues to walk. Through cracks and vents through the floor, black slime seems to seep.

Schrader (off-panel): Still, mind your surroundings, everyone.