1: Back in Rhoda’s car, Kas lifts his sleave to show his shortened, bandaged limb.

Kas: The driver got me to the hospital… Eventually, some government guys showed up. They shoved me on a flight here as soon as I’d recovered enough.

2: Kas as speaks hollowly as the scenery rolls past.

Kas: But… I couldn’t trust any of them: not with everything. Not my government, not yours… I had to get to you guys on my own.

3: Kas’s reflection is seen in the window as he looks out. Rhoda has driven him out of the larger city into the more urban area.

Kas: Where are we going?

Rhoda (off-panel): Right, sorry, Julia’s not at the university.

4: Rhoda smiles a bit as she talks about her friend’s exciting career choices.

Rhoda: She’s been working elsewhere for a while. Luckily she won’t shut the hell up when she’s excited, so I know where to go…

5: She pulls up to the undercover entrance to the underground in the fabric shop, as seen in Issue #13.