Panel 1: Rhoda looks up as the snake floats above her, curling in the air.

Rhoda: Limits? I’ve been doing everything you say…

The Serpent: You’re listening, but you are not looking. You hear with your eyes shut.

You know what to look for, Rhoda.

Panel 2:

Rhoda squints down at the notepad and thinks.

Panel 3:

A quick flash of the otherwordly realm, a landscape of flesh under a blood red sky that she saw from her original vision.

Panel 4:

She winces, covering her eyes.

Rhoda: No… No, I can’t see that again. I can’t go back there.

Panel 5:

The snake smiles wickedly, coiling up around Rhoda.

The Serpent: But you’ve already been there. You’ve seen it already, that inevitable conclusion that awaits all beings: that infinity that you want so desperately to avoid…

Panel 6:

Rhoda has a mix of concern but determination on her face as she stares forward, panting and concentrating.

The Serpent: But the only way to escape it is to understand it, to know it utterly

If you want to avoid it, you must drown yourself in it.

Better a taste now, than a prison later.