Panel 1:

Julia and Melissa sit in Clarke’s Cafe in downtown Cairo, Julia is in a casual hoodie over a collar-less blouse, Melissa is wearing a shirt and tie. They are talking to someone obscured by a closed for renovations sign.

Julia: How was your flight?

???: Pretty rough, but at least it was short. It did take a long time to get through our… friends?

Julia: Hey, you can speak freely here. The SIU bought this place, it’s like… a front for them now.

Panel 2:

Julia looks over her shoulder towards the kitchen. Through the kitchen window is Agent Avery, bluebird secret agent, dressed as a chef and cooking.

Julia: Also means we get all the FREE FRIES we can eat, right?

Avery speaks Avian in a cheerful tone.

Panel 3:

Julia shrugs and smiles.

Julia: I don’t know what the fuck he’s saying.

Panel 4:

Julia, gets a bit more serious.

Julia: We have a lot to talk about, but for starters… Well, Mr. Vigne…

Kas: Oh…

Panel 5:

The figure they’re talking to is Kastos Vigne, looking healthy, both arms and eyes in working order. The index finger of his left hand is bandaged at the tip.

Kas: Kas is fine.

Julia (off-panel): Okay, Kas, I guess you saw some of our videos? The investigations and stuff?

Kas: Yeah. After seeing your vids about that haunted mansion, I was a little, uh, skeptical? But I also figured you both were the only people I could trust with this locally.