Panel 1:

Rhoda sits cross-legged on the floor of her messy room. Her eyes are open but staring blankly forward. In her lap is a pad of paper on which she scribbles. Her plushie animals and plant are in place but her container of art supplies is knocked over and the room seems rifled through.

Caption: Meanwhile, in Seta Uktober.

Panel 2:

Her hand moves a thick charcoal pencil, sketching an angular shape, or maybe words.

Panel 3:

She keeps writing. We see the hand of that blue serpent spirit is holding her hand, guiding it.

Panel 4:

Rhoda’s face stares ahead emotionlessly. The serpent is leaned against her head, whispering.

The Serpent: Good. Focus on the emptiness. Let your mind reach outside itself.

Allow your hand to be mine.

Panel 5:

She drops the pad of paper to the floor. We see in dark charcoal the scribbled form of the Intruder.

Panel 6:

Rhoda rubs her eyes tiredly.

Rhoda: The hell is this even supposed to mean?

The Serpent: This is just exercise, Rhoda: allowing your body to be a conduit for the higher powers.

You are learning so quickly…

and yet you have such limits