I adore Julia’s silly cow PJs and really a pair of my own.


Panel 1:

Julia is back in her room, at her computer in cow print PJ pants, her room seems a bit clearer than before. She wears her phone on her ear and is in a call.

Caption: Later that night.

Julia: You guys are allowed to intercept my mail?

Jackson (through phone): Only when certain conditions are met. In this case, it was because your mail was radioactive.

I’ve sent you our photographs of the contents. It seems like the return address was fake, too.

Panel 2:

On her screen is a photograph of the inside of the package that Kas mailed her last issue: the familiar black, hexagonal disks and some of the sketches and notes from Kas and Sirratt, the missing researcher.

Julia (off-panel): The fuck is this stuff?

Jackson (from phone): The package also included a memory card with several video files, which I’ve sent over. I need you to verify if you know this person.

Panel 3:

Her computer plays a video showing footage of a nervous Kas, the first video he recorded months ago.

Julia: No, I don’t recognize him, but I guess he’s seen my stuff online.

Jackson (from phone): Been vlogging again, Julia?

Julia: Jeez, grampa, “vlogging”? Is that what you did while fending off dinosaurs?

Listen, I’ll call you back after I’ve watched these.

Panel 4:

Julia puts a proper headset on, through the speakers we hear Kas’s voice. Behind her, the bedroom door is open and a tiger tail bobs past.

Kas (through headphones): It might be good with locks but nails hold it just fine… Keeping the lights on… noise down.

Panel 5:

Melissa leans in, pulling back on her chair to roll her from her desk. Julia flails a bit as she knocks a drink bottle off her desk.

Kas (through headphones): I think I found help… if I can get to them. I’ll ship things ahead of me, try to grab a flight. I don’t know how much I can trust them, but…