Panel 1:

Their plates are now mostly empty, their drinks finished.

Panel 2:

Melissa looks tired but happy, leaning on one hand.

Melissa: I know you’ve been ignoring your phone all day for me. It hasn’t been anything important, has it?

Panel 3:

They sit happily as the servers clear up behind them.

Julia: Oh, it’s been nothing, just phone calls from our local secret agent.

Melissa: What? Really?

Julia: He probably just needs me to hook up a printer or figure out his password again.

Panel 4:

Arms linked, the two walk outside towards their car in the dimming light of evening.

Julia: Hope you had an okay time. I know none of this was super exciting or anything…

Melissa: Julia… I had a great time. We’ve been trying to relax together like this for ages now. Thank you so much…

You’re totally spoiling me, though. I’ll take charge next time, I’ll even cook!

You’ve never had my family’s tzatziki.