Panel 1:

Now nighttime, the girls are at a fancy restaurant. They’ve changed into nicer clothes: Melissa wears the slimming black dress Julia had bought her and her necklace from earlier issues. Julia wears a stylishly casual black suit with a waistcoat. They sit either side of the table, a view of the Nile in the background with a modern pyramid

Julia: Because, see, if you were homeless, you could travel a lot, right? And no one really pays that much attention to you, like those people who live in the necropolis.

Imagine all the cool places you could sneak into, like sealed-off transit tunnels and old buildings.

Melissa: So you’d just pretend you were in a post-apocalyptic video game, then?

Julia: Basically.

Panel 2:

Food arrives, skewered brik pastries, humus and a large tajine.

Waiter: Pardon me, ladies, hot food coming in.

Melissa: Oh! Thank you!

Panel 3:

Julia glances down and to her side.

Panel 4:

Her phone in her purse shows several missed calls and messages from Agent Jackson.

Panel 5:

Melissa has slipped out of one shoe and, beneath the table, is teasingly pawing at Julia’s legs with her foot.

Panel 6:

Julia looks up with ears folded shyly, blushing.