Panel 1:

In bright daylight, Julia’s car is parked outside the Mall of Cairo: a mix of clean, modern architecture and throwbacks to more traditional middle eastern bazaars. She’s dressed casually, button down shirt and hair tied back. She’s opening the passenger door for someone.

Caption: January 16th, 2038. Cairo.

Julia: No, no, I insist. You need some gentlemanly charm.

Panel 2:

Melissa is the one being helped out of the car. She wears a skirt and loose over-shirt and scarf.

Melissa: Just because you’re a tomboy doesn’t mean you really count as gentlemanly.

Julia (off-panel): I can pretend…

Panel 3:

The two hold hands as they walk past shops in the mall with happy, proud smiles.

Panel 4:

In the background, Melissa models a fancy black outfit. In the foreground, looking sneakily over her shoulder, Julia pays via thumbprint-locked ID, the outfit seems quite expensive.

Panel 5:

Melissa eats a big mall pretzel as she watches entranced as Julia plays a futuristic arcade machine, gestating with her hands wearing wired electronic bracelets.

Panel 6:

Melissa tries to stop Julia poking a giant Lego-esque in another store.