Panel 1:

2038, Julia kneels before a closet in her living room. A long window runs along a semi-circular wall, her clothes hanging outside. Inside the closet is a shrine; Julia lights candles surround a small marble statue.

Julia: Air’asha, who brought us fire, who broke the chains of slavery so we may roam freely…

Guide me: unlock the strength to overcome the trials of life…

Panel 2:

The statue of Air’asha is a female figure with multiple arms and a serpent-like lower body. Carved onto the pedestal below it is the key-like symbol on Julia’s necklace.

Julia (off-panel): For the future is dark, the desert sands are endless…

Panel 3:

Julia averts her gaze, smiling and fiddling with her hair, which is cut a little shorter in the front.

Julia: Aaand I totally have a real date and I don’t want to look like an idiot.

Panel 4:

Julia kneels in front of the small idol, pensive and thoughtful.

Panel 5:

A similar view and pose in a dark room: Rhoda kneels, surrounded by candles, hunched over a strip of paper with a tin of paint.

Panel 6:

Rhoda has a vacant expression, as if not truly awake.

Panel 7:

On the wide canvas paper, she paints words and shapes, as though automatic writing.