Panel 1:

In the portal room, engineers prepare from a series of computer terminals, Dr. Njeri speaks with Melissa, Julia and another scientist.

Loudspeaker blares out: Reminder that Cairo’s sandstorm warning has been upgraded to ‘Yellow’.

Panel 2:

Inside the control room, Kas is manipulating the discs through the glove box. Beside him, an engineer looks to a tablet and reads into a microphone.

Engineer: A transportation advisory has been posted until the storm has dissipated.

Panel 3:

Agent Jackson and Eric walk past the control room, out of the sealed portal room into the hallway, both look angry.

Jackson: I didn’t want to say this in front of your daughter, but I feel you’re overreacting.

Eric: I really don’t think we need an armed guard around these machines, that’s not unreasonable.

Panel 4: Eric storms off from Jackson.

Jackson: Anything could happen once we activate that portal. It’s irresponsible not to at least prepare for the worst.

Eric: It’ll be Hong Kong all over again! Trigger-happy soldiers letting loose at the first sign of trouble.

Panel 5:

Inside the control room, Kas disconnects a series of wires from one of the computers.

Jackson (off-panel): You’re being ridiculous, if this operation were to be sabotaged-

Eric (off-panel): Sabotaged? This is a top secret, underground facility, who’s going to sabotage something like this?

Jackson (off-panel): You know, it must be nice for every Egyptian to exist in their own little walled-off oasis. It never even occurs to you that other nations aren’t exactly your biggest fans.

Panel 6:

The screen shows a warning message: Surveillance relay disconnected.