Panel 1:

Rhoda looks dazed as blood runs down her face. Two pale clawed arms reach in through the smashed windows

Panel 2:

Rhoda cries out in pain as the claws of the monster dig deep into her body, pulling her hard by the face and forearm. Her arm rips and separates, skin tearing.

Panel 3:

Rhoda wakes up with a yell, naked and covered in sweat. She is in her bed, clutching at her left arm in pain, though her arm seems fine.

Panel 4:

She looks at her hand, clutching her forearm tight with the other hand.

Panel 5:

Panting and sweating, Rhoda sits up in bed, watching the sunlight streaming through. Beside her, tacked to the walls, are numerous scratchy pencil sketches, including several portraits of Kas.