Panel 1:

Rhoda is driving at night, looking slightly tired.

Panel 2:

She peeks over at her phone, where she is chatting to Julia.

Julia: cmoooonnn just come to the cafe with us tonite

Rhoda: Fine, Gods, I’m coming.

Julia: yyaaayyy ilu

Rhoda: On my way.

Julia: kk [heart] [musical note] [snail]

Panel 3:

The Intruder step out before her headlights along the road.

Panel 4:

Rhoda yelps and turns hard on the wheel.

Panel 5:

Her car hits a thin barrier, front wheel crumpling as she smashes through.

Panel 6:

The car has rolled and crushed inward the roof caving in, pinning Rhoda’s left arm between the ceiling and the headrest of her car as she is showered with broken glass.