Panel 1:

The engineers in the portal room look up to the loudspeakers, the private military guard looks back to the control room.

Kas (through loudspeaker): Hello? Good. I wanted to thank you all for bringing me here.

It was nice to get to know you all before, well…

Panel 2:

Inside the control room, the engineers that were in there with Kas have been messily killed, bodies grotesquely twisted and bent.

Kas: I want you to know that this is all for a very good cause. I wish I could be there. I wish I could see it one last time.

Panel 3:

Kas is grinning like a mad man, smile peeling across his face impossibly long.

Kas: This is my sacrifice… to The One Who Crawls.

Panel 4:

The flesh of Kas’s hand peels back to show long purple alien fingers that seem to end in hoof-like digits. They tap at the computer’s keyboard. The screen above it shows one word: ACTIVATE.

Panel 5:

Engineers in the portal room suddenly look behind them as cracks of white light starts to streak across the matte black surface of the portal, a humming sound builds.