Panel 1:

Eric stands from the row of computers, there is a glove box in which the radioactive discs are propped up on thin wire. Melissa and Eric stand off slightly awkwardly.

Melissa: Kas had all the notes and symbols transcribed, and he almost had them translated, but I was the one who figured out how to really make sense of them by ascribing them to the elemental make-up of planets.

Eric: Planets? So we can aim this thing?

Melissa: That’s the idea… I hope.

Panel 2:

Eric looks up through the glass. Julia is carrying a box if equipment through into the portal room. She is wearing her hair in a woven bun, her bangs cut shorter.

Eric: And Julia’s here too?

Melissa (off-panel): Mhmm, the SIU has her chronicling a lot of this. She’s sort of like an unofficial intern helping Agent Jackson?

Panel 3:

Eric looks out at Julia, concerned.

Eric: I wish you two would be more careful with them, I’m not sure I trust the SIU that much…

Melissa (off-panel): They’ve been good to us, Dad. They have all these resources for our investigations and we get equipment from them…

Eric: Yes, which let you run around in an underground cave where you could have gotten lost or killed.

Panel 4:

Melissa looks grumpy, hands on hips

Eric (off-panel): I’m sorry honey. Just still worried about you is all. I’m still adjusting.

Panel 5:

Through the glass of the control room, a well-armed Okapi in black security gear similar to the other security forces seen in earlier issues enter the portal room.

Eric (off-panel): You know as well as I do what happened with yourself and Dr. Ahmes last year. The SIU has hired private military for this operation, I just worry what turning this place into a war zone will spark.