Panel 1:

The dome-like portal room, has been expanded and renovated: doors and windows built to separate the portal and the rest of the facility, many wires and frames connected to the edge of the portal. A rabbit scientist checks a laptop. A sign reads: “TC-07 uniforms are required after this point”.

From a loud speaker: Dr. Okar, please report to Administration.

Panel 2:

From the metal frame, wires lead to technological devices connected to points on the stone archway.

Panel 3:

Scientists monitor data from a control room where larger computers are arranged.

Panel 4:

Lit by screens in the control room, is Eric Khainouda, Melissa’s father.

Off-panel: Ah, Mr. Khainouda. Do you have a moment?

Panel 5:

Eric turns around. Dr. Njeri is there, and beside him is Melissa. All three wear different colored TC-07 uniforms

Eric: Melissa?

Njeri: I was hoping you’d help finish up our tour by showing our new junior technician around the main portal room.

Eric: Um, yes sir!