Panel 1:

Julia moves closer to Rhoda, looking concerned.

Julia: Okay. Just don’t go all quiet on me again, alright?

Rhoda: Yeah, yeah… I’ll be better about that.

Panel 2:

Julia leans on the counter beside Rhoda, looking a little bashful.

Julia: There’s a lot of stuff going on. I won’t talk your ear off about it, but there’s stuff with Melissa and, I dunno.

Things are just a little weird and hectic, you know?

Rhoda: Yeah…

Panel 3:

Rhoda smiles for once.

Rhoda: I’m sorry.

I’ll come see you guys soon, okay?

Panel 4:

Rhoda watches from the open door as Julia gets to her car.

Panel 5:

Rhoda walks back to her bedroom.

Panel 6:

Pinned to the wall is a large canvas, on which is drawn an accurate, intricate rendition of the lunar gate from underground. It is surrounded by the various symbols and markings seen on the discs.