Panel 1:

Rhoda heads into the kitchen with Julia lagging behind. The room is messy and unkempt.

Julia: Is your mom out?

Rhoda: Yeah, been out all week, some business thing down south.

Julia: You shoulda told me! We could have hung out or something.

Rhoda: I’m… on this new medication, so I’ve been a little out of it. I’m adjusting, sorry.

Julia: Hey, don’t be sorry! I’m just worried about you is all.

Panel 2:

Rhoda puts the knife away. In the background, Julia looks excited.

Julia: So, listen, we’ve got a bunch of weird, cool shit going on, and I think you’d really love to see it.

The scientist guys are making a lot of progress with that freaky underground gate thing, I think they’ve figured out how to get power running to it.

Panel 3:

Rhoda leans back on the counter as she watches Julia cautiously with bathrobe still a little risque.

Julia: And there’s this Cypriot guy who sent over some shit-crazy footage of being attacked by this monster, and he thinks he has these ancient artifacts that can direct the gate!

Rhoda: …

I dunno.

Panel 4:

Rhoda looks quite stern and serious.

Rhoda: Running around a haunted house and weird caves was cool, but I don’t know anything about science or history… I’m not sure how useful I’d be.


Panel 5:

Julia listens, looking sad, in the background, the decor of the house is distorted, walls peeling away to reveal layers of pulsing flesh and dripping blood. Outside the sky is blood red.

Rhoda: Plus, I have a lot going on. Nothing bad, just… private.