Panel 1:

Rhoda approaches the front door of her parent’s house. She is dressed in a bathrobe, behind her back she holds a sharp kitchen knife. A plant sits dead on her mail table.

Panel 2:

Through the crack of the open door, past a chain lock, is the smiling, worried, face of Julia in a white office blouse.

Julia: Heeey

Panel 3:

Julia stands outside in a blouse and black skirt, talking through the gap in the door.

Julia: I sent you a few messages, dunno if you got them…

Rhoda (from within): Sorry, I was asleep.

Julia: I just wanted to check in, I haven’t heard from you in a while.

Rhoda (from within): I’m fine.

Panel 4:

Rhoda’s grip on the knife tightens.

Julia (off-panel): Rhoda it’s me, Julia. You know you can trust me, right?

Remember when I snuck you out of the institute? We told them I was taking you to the museum, but we went to see that weird graffiti in that abandoned tunnel. I bought you that plushie Ibis, so it looked like we’d really gone to the exhibits?

Rhoda: …yeah…

Panel 5:

Rhoda opens the door, her bathrobe barely covers anything at all.

Rhoda: I guess you can come in.

Julia: Oh!

Panel 6:

Julia blushes and looks away with perked ears.

Rhoda (off-panel): Relax, you’ve seen ’em before.