Panel 1

Kas walks down hallway straining with Bill the plant, night lit starkly by artificial lights through windows to one side of the hall.

Panel 2

Driving, looking a little relieved, Kas has the plant in the passenger seat.

Panel 3

Kas’s blue car pulls up as Kas’s gate opens automatically outside his house. A very modern looking street with square Greecian buildings, the street is surrounded by dark hills.

Panel 4

Kas looks around suspiciously as he carries the plant from the car over to the front door

Panel 5

Turned back to electronically lock the car, Kas is subtly looking back down the street as an obscured person in black walks towards this end of the street.

Panel 6

Kas opens his door and is heading in, as the person is getting closer, a house away with face lit by a cellphone.

Panel 7

The person in a black hoodie passes by, down the street as Kas shuts himself inside.