Panel 1

Inside Kas’s small house we see his open plan kitchen and living room, a simple patio and yard beyond large sliding doors. Kas sets the plant down on the kitchen counter.

Kas: Sorry Bill…

Panel 2

Setting the plant aside on the counter, upended out of the pot, hidden in the bottom of the pot is a crumpled bag.

Panel 3

Kas pours out the dark differently-sized octagonal disks from the previous photographs.

Kas: Shit…

Panel 4

Kas leaves the kitchen with the re-potted Bill, we see a living room window and the short wall and bushes ringing the property, partially lit by street lights.

Kas (off-panel): Need the good camera…

Panel 5

In the quiet room, the kitchen faucet drips.

Panel 6

Kas returns with a large camera.