Panel 1 Inside McCallun’s office, Kas slips in. A lot bookshelves are empty, some boxes, empty and haphazardly tipped over, only a few small personal items and some plants in the window remain. There’s a photo of Professor McCallun (a red squirrel) with a pet dog in a cracked frame.

Panel 2

Kas pulls out a section of the filing cabinets and searches through it.

Panel 3

Checking the desk he pulls out a notebook.

Panel 4

Close up of a diary, the calendar notes a few minor school events, an appointment later in the week for local hospital, crossed out and written in earlier at a different hospital. To one side is a series of dividing folders for contact names.

Kas (off-panel): No Bill…

Panel 5

Putting the papers back into one of the desk draws, Kas brushes his hair aside, looking frustrated.

Kas: Dammit…

Panel 6

Making his way back to the door he stops to look at one of the wilting plants, pink with spotted green leaves.

Panel 7

We see the label in the plant noting the breed of plant Billbergia Fantasia.