Panel 1

Kas makes his way down another hall, color coded walls seem to mark departments as he walks towards the history department.

Panel 2

Kas is turned away by two men in suits and shades that stand guard outside his office.

McCallun (from headphones): Someone tried to get into the office- <Coughs interrupt> -not as safe as I thought… Can’t risk them finding everything. Ruled out the obvious places, going to leave it in Bill’s care, safe enough, I figure.

Panel 3

The suit-wearing men are clearly guarding the hall.

McCallun (from headphones): Whoever it is… I don’t trust them. I asked for a superior, the name they gave lead nowhere. They’re tailing me, wo- <Coughs interrupt> working on this from home now. The connections I’ve been drawing just leave me with more questions.

Panel 4

Kas looks sheepish, wearing a professor’s jacket and glasses, looking official. He is handed a digital security card from a member of janitorial staff who looks frustrated. Outside the window the sun seems to be setting

Panel 5

Now night, the guards in the hallway are gone. Kas sneaks along the hallway.

Panel 6

He swipes the electronic lock, a green light showing with a ‘Bleep’. Kas looks around nervously.